The Inner Beauty of ESOL Teachers

Recently, Robert Reich interviewed David Brooks, for City Arts and Lectures, about Brook’s recent book, The Road to Character. (It’s about how we’re focused on developing “resume values” and have lost track of “eulogy values.”)  Reich asked Brooks why he wrote the book.  This is how David Brooks answered:

“I was in Frederick, Maryland, and I ran into some ladies, age fifty to eighty, who teach immigrants English and how to read. And it can take up to several years to learn this. It’s a very slow process.  And I walked into a room with them and they just radiated goodness, and they’re patient and they’re calm, and they make you feel valued & important, and they listen to you, and they’re not thinking about what great work they’re doing, they’re just not even thinking about themselves.  And so I remember thinking, I’ve achieved more career success than I ever imagined, but I haven’t achieved that inner beauty.”

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