Our next Reflective Practice Group…

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Next RPG meeting: Sunday, October 11th.

Topic:           Reflecting-in-Action: Where and when do we learn to be effective teachers?

Usually, the answer is “in the classroom,” or “on the job.”  But what does that mean?  Does it happen in the classroom, the mechanical reinforcement of skills by repetition?  Or does it happen across the whole process of teaching: during planning, execution of the lesson, and reflecting afterwards?  What role does feedback play?  And whose feedback?  Students? Peers? Supervisors?  At what point in the process do we learn?

There are many models for teacher reflection.  We’ll explore the approach developed by Daniel Schön.[i]  Schön challenged teachers to reconsider the role of technical knowledge versus “artistry” in developing professional excellence. He distinguished “reflection-in-action” from “reflection-on-action.”  Reflection-in-action occurs in real-time, while we are teaching; it’s analogous to intuitive knowledge.  This type of reflective competence develops with time and experience.[ii]  Since our RPG group has both new teachers and very experienced teachers, this will be an opportunity for peer-teaching!

For this workshop, “bring” one thing that happened in a recent lesson that was different from what you expected; and which you responded to by changing your plan on the spot.  If you’re not teaching right now, think of such an incident that you observed.  It could be positive, negative, or just different. You don’t need to analyze it; we’ll do that together.

 Where & When:  We meet at 6:30pm for social/snacks. The workshop is 7-9pm.  Address:  93 Larkspur, San Rafael, upstairs in the “86 Building,” which is across the parking lot from the Canal Alliance main office.

Bring a snack or beverage to share.

Please carpool: http://www.groupcarpool.com/t/bv2pmi  If you prefer to drive, please sign up here to let others know where you’re coming from.  There are usually people coming from San Francisco, northern Marin and Sonoma County, and the east bay.

RSVP:  linda@lmkoza.com 415-717-3568

Everyone is Welcome!

[i] Schön, D. (The Reflective Practitioner:  How Professionals Think in Action (1984)  and Educating the Reflective Practitioner (1987))

[ii] Randall & Thornton, Advising and Supporting Teachers, (2001)

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