“Backwards Planning” a Communicative Speaking Lesson from a Textbook

2016-01-03 20.44.08

Hello Reflective Teachers!

We were asked to combine the Canal Alliance’s Spring Orientation training session with our RPG meeting next Sunday evening (Jan 10th).

So there will be two changes:

1. We’ll begin and end earlier:

6-6:30 Social/Snacks

6:30-7:30 Workshop

2. The topic has been changed to the following:

“Backwards Planning” a Communicative Speaking Lesson from a Textbook

Our textbooks are designed for a generic, hypothetical student. But our students are real people!  At our January 10th RPG meeting, we will explore “backwards planning” of a communicative speaking lesson, tailored to our students’ knowledge and needs, based on our textbooks, with an interactive speaking task as the final objective.  The workshop will begin with a short demo lesson. Then, in small groups of teachers who teach the same level, we will use the same approach to plan a lesson, adapting what’s in the textbook. This session is relevant for classroom aides, as well.

We will return to the original topic (Multi-Level Classes, Early Finishers & Grouping Strategies) at our February 7th meeting.

Please RSVP!  linda@lmkoza.com  415-717-3568

Location:  Canal Alliance, 91 Larkspur Street, San Rafael (Upstairs in Bldg. 86)

Email to request parking info, or sign up to carpool: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/sr936k


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