At our next Reflective Practice Group gathering we will have two special guest facilitators and a panel of speakers:


Sunday, March 20th      ***       6:30-9:00 pm

  • In the first half of the evening, we will explore unconscious assumptions and judgments we may have about immigrants that can get in the way of seeing who our students really are, hindering our effectiveness as their teachers. This workshop will be facilitated by Melisandra Leonardos, a specialist in education diversity,  SIT-TESOL alumna, Canal Alliance teacher, and RPG member, based on her experiences with theUNtraining.
  • In the second half of the evening, there will be a panel discussion with individuals who grew up in the East San Rafael community and have lived the experience of our students, but who also have been on “the other side” and get along in the world that many teachers inhabit. The panel discussion will be moderated by Martin Steinman, immigrant rights activist and ESL Manager at the Canal Alliance.

Our RPG meetings are free, and open to anyone who is interested.  Bring a colleague! We meet at the Canal Alliance, 91 Larkspur Street, in San Rafael, CA.  (Upstairs in the “86 Building” across the parking lot from the main offices.)  I hope to see you on March 20th!  (Please RSVP)





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