Stone Soup: Reflecting in Community

Everyone who came to last Sunday’s meeting about teaching multi-level classes seemed genuinely eager and hopeful about getting some practical ideas to address this challenging reality!  And by the end of the evening, we all came away with lots of new, concrete ideas to implement immediately!

That is one of the magical aspects of reflecting in community, as we do at our monthly RPG meetings:  It’s like a stone soup:  each individual may feel they have very little to offer:  unanswered questions, needs and frustrations.  But as we share and reflect together, it turns out that the rich variety of experiences and wisdom contributed by each person yields a rich, varied, complex soup that none of us could have cooked up alone.

stone soup

The experience of reflecting in this way can’t be replaced or simulated by reading about the topic we reflected on.  That would be about as satisfying as reading a restaurant review:  you had to be there in person to enjoy the nuanced fragrances and complex flavors of the soup as we stirred and simmered and tasted and seasoned and tasted again…

So I hope you’ll be able to join us for the next RPG meeting!



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